Our company is named for our love of ´yellow dogs´, better known as Labrador Retrievers. I got my first labs when I was 14, so there have been many, many labs in our home. Right now, we are down to 2 labs. Roxie, our mellow yellow, Bella is our crazy chocolate and then there is Sophie, a very definite Scottie dog. A TOTALLY different animal than I've ever been used to. But, she's a hoot. Individually, they are great dogs. As a tag team, they are mayhem. One distracts you, the other 2 work you. Then they trade off. The days are filled with barking, running, sleeping and watching. Belly scratches, beard grabbing, biscuits and soulful eyes.

While we have 2 daughters and a son in law, and are more than willing to talk about them, they, for some reason, get a little distressed with some of the stories of when they were kids! 'Mommmmm, don't tell them THAT!!' The dogs really don't care what you tell to whom as long as there is a treat or a scratch coming their way.

The labs are rescues, the scottie was from a puppy mill. Every once in a while, during a moment of quiet, you look over and one is just looking at you intently. With those big, beautiful, soulful brown eyes they seem to be saying 'Thank you for bringing me here. I'm so happy with you.'  And when you lean over to give them a scratch and the tail is thumping, you're saying 'I love having you here.'

Yellow Dog Home Furniture

Yellow Dog Home Teddy Bears

My name is Joe Dumas and I am the artist responsible for the stone and steel benches, tables, bird baths and more.

By using the strength of two elements, stone and steel, I utilize a whimsical way of fashioning rock art into functional pieces of sculpture. Each piece is 100% Alabama made, created from Alabama sandstone and ½ inch solid steel, used inside the house or outside in the yard. Each piece is individually made by myself, no production work, no assembly line in my shop.

I have been building these for almost 20 years now. I wanted to create something that could be handed down from generation to generation, tired of the ´throw away´ world we have become. Just as there are no two sunsets or rainbows exactly alike, there are no two benches exactly the same. The shape, color and size of the stones guide me in forming each individual piece.

My name is Janet Dumas and I create teddy bears... bears with personality, attitude and moxie.

I have been sewing these guys for years now.  I also sew MEMORY BEARS. 

Each bear is individually made by myself.  The fabric or fur is cut out using either scissors or an Exacto blade.  This ensures the fur is not cut, just the backing.

There are 20 pieces, 5 joints, 2 eyes (all joints and eyes are safety joints) and a hand embossed leather tag, also embossed here at home.   Poly fiberfil is used for the stuffing and each piece is stuffed by hand.  Once they start to come together, each takes on it's own personality. 

I love doing the memory bears for people.  After all, a memory bear is a celebration of someone's life.  I've used grampa's flannel shirt, a son's military uniform, gramma's mink stole, a long stored baby blanket made into a bear for that child's child.  All great to make!

Please contact me if I can make one for you.

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